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The Happy for Good Story

A happiness project is born

Underneath every resolution, every goal, and every dream is the deeper wish to simply be happy. Why do you wish for a new job, loving relationships, or a healthy body? Because you believe these things will make you happy. And they very well might! But why not bring your hidden purpose out into the light, and make happiness itself your resolution, your goal, and your dream? We usually don’t look at this question—how can I be happy?—directly, because it seems so daunting and the answer so out of reach. Which is why I’ve created this project. I’ve broken out the process of becoming happy for good into 12 monthly Makeovers so you can address every aspect of happiness in your body, mind, life, and spirit one at a time and be, truly, happy by 2020. One year to happiness in 12 simple, totally doable steps.

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happiness is a choice

I’ve made the explicit pursuit of happiness my goal for the last several years, because my experience is that it takes a little work to really be happy in any deep or sustained way. Yes, you can stumble into happiness, but only if you put yourself in its way. So I’ve searched out whatever help and information I could find, privileging real data from actual happiness research (this is a thing!) whenever possible, and putting all of it to the test in my own happiness experiments. Along the way, I found pure magic in places I never would have expected, but I also hit a lot of dead ends, got a lot of bad advice, and learned to separate the trash from the treasure. And though I was skeptical, it totally worked. (Read more of my personal story here.) Happiness is a choice. It may not appear as a choice you recognize, but every choice you make in every area of your life either brings happiness or does not. All you need is a choice-making roadmap to your own unique state of true happiness. So that’s exactly what I designed—a program of just the surefire, big-payoff steps to spare you any false starts and heartaches so you can do in just one year what’s taken me many.

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your happiness roadmap

Every month in 2019 is dedicated to a different Happiness Makeover, a 4-week program to guide you through everything you need to do (and nothing you don’t) to completely transform one area of your life. In every month’s Makeover, you’ll get weekly Happiness Boosters, podcasts where I’ll give you my favorite lessons and takeaways on the week’s topic, and Happiness Challenges to put into action a happier way to live for yourself. Once a month we’ll get together for a Happiness Shakedown, a live video conference where you can ask questions about your personal pursuit of happiness and hear from others about their experiments in happy living. And each Makeover has a single book, a Happiness Lens, through which you’ll gain a brand new perspective on the Makeover’s most essential step, that I’ve selected for its ability to deliver the greatest happiness bang-for-your-buck. And when you finish the month’s Makeover, I’ll send you a silver-plated charm unique to the step you just completed as a physical reminder of your progress on the road to happiness.

Just for joining, you’ll get a sneak peek at every Makeover, recommended readings you can dive into at any time to jumpstart your happiness pursuit, and tidbits from my own happiness findings to keep your sights set on being happy by 2020. The first 200 subscribers will get a free mini adult coloring book and colored pencil set, a tiny to-go-sized, happiness-inducing mindfulness practice you can take with you anywhere! Subscribing is free, with no obligation, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


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